NHS treatment and charges

Patient charges fall into one of the following treatment bands. These charging bands are as of April 2019.

Band 1
Diagnosis, treatment planning and maintenance including examination, x-rays, scaling and polishing and dental hygiene advice.

Band 2
Simple treatments e.g. fillings, extractions and surgical procedures.

Band 3
Provision of appliances and complex treatments that include work by a laboratory e.g. bridgework, crowns and dentures.


Some NHS patients are entitled to either full or partial exemption from charges.
If you think you may qualify, please ask. Under NHS Regulations a patient can be asked to pay charges at the commencement of treatment. Please be prepared to do this, or when asked to do so by the receptionist. The NHS does not provide credit facilities, fees are due at each visit unless the patient is exempt.

You may also choose to have some treatments provided privately as an alternative to NHS treatment. We are happy to discuss these options with you.

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