Antibody tests

What is the antibody test for COVID-19?

Antibody tests are used to detect antibodies to the COVID-19 virus to see if it’s likely that you have had the virus before.

Antibody tests differ to virus swab tests, which test to see if you currently have the virus. An antibody test cannot test if you currently have the virus.

The Biopanda MHRA-approved test has a 98.69% detection rate for antibodies. You’ll receive the test in the surgery and get your results in ten minutes.

Please call to arrange an appointment. The price is £40 .

If you think you have had COVID please wait 21 days after recovery before you take the test or 28 days if you have had contact with someone who has COVID symptoms.

FAQ re Covid 19 anti-body tests

Is it the same test as the one the NHS uses?
No, the NHS use a different test from the biotech company Roche, who is able to supply the NHS with large volumes of test kits.
Our COVID-19 test is produced by a British company called Biopanda.

What does the Biopanda kit test for?
The test detects both IgM and IgG antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID19) in human whole blood. In general, IgM antibodies appear a week after infection, and IgG antibodies appear two weeks after infection.

Is the test reliable?
Yes, very reliable.
The test has a 99% sensitivity and a 98.6% accuracy.
As with any diagnostic test, there is the possibility of false-positive and negatives.
The chances of a false-negative or false-positive result are very unlikely. However, the main reason for false results is taking the test too soon.

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